POWER! is an informal group whose mission is to promote the region as a vital and pleasurable place to live, work and play.  POWER! was founded in 2000 by the Great Valley Technology Alliance in response to the continual loss of Northeastern PA's greatest asset..."its youth".  POWER! was built as a support network to enhance the ability to attract and retain the knowledge and talent necessary to build a better economic future.

POWER! originated as three chapters among Northeast PA including Hazleton, Wilkes Barre and Scranton.  In 2009 the Hazleton Chamber merged with the Wilkes Barre Chapter to become Luzerne County POWER!  In March of 2012 several forward-thinking individuals within our community realized that if we want to continue our mission, which is to make Greater Hazleton thrive along with the rest of NEPA we need to re-establish what was once Hazleton P.O.W.E.R. 

In 2012, Hazleton P.O.W.E.R. became an official committee of The Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce, which is a non-profit organization under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The organization, funded primarily through the support of individual member businesses, was formed as the Hazleton Board of Trade in 1892 for the purpose of advancing the commercial, professional, industrial, civic and general interests of the Greater Hazleton Area.  

As of July 2013, Hazleton P.O.W.E.R., restructured to form a non-profit status and is now proud member of The Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce.


Jocelyn Sterenchock, Executive Director
Lou Mattioli , Associate Director
Kenneth Cara, Secretary
Neal DeAngelo III, Interim Treasurer

Greg Kurtz, Jr
Tarah Toohill


Jocelyn Sterenchock graduated from McCann School of Business & Technology with a business degree and has held positions within numerous environments and industries, including working in the marketing department of an international infrastructure operations and maintenance company for several years. She was also a marketing intern with the Downtown Hazleton Alliance for Progress and was nominated and selected to be the Executive Director of Hazleton POWER!, a nonprofit organization that was formed as a support network to enhance the ability to attract and retain the knowledge and talent necessary to build a better economic future in the area. During her time with POWER!, she has successfully spearheaded several community events, including the annual “Art at the Markle” which attracts hundreds of people to view the artwork of more than 40 local artists. She has also helped oversee multiple efforts to raise money for local nonprofit organizations and coordinate many community activities, including live music events and a free outdoor movie series.

Currently, Jocelyn holds the position of Coordinator of Entrepreneurial Services for Greater Hazleton CAN DO, is responsible for forwarding entrepreneurship in Greater Hazleton primarily through the direction of operations at the CAN BE Business Innovation Center in the Valmont Industrial Park. Jocelyn guides the business incubator’s tenants through a program that is designed to help nurture new businesses through the start-up phase. She oversees the development and management of CAN BE’s support programs for entrepreneurs, which include offering resident consultation and management assistance, access to financing opportunities, networking opportunities with other start-up companies and access to technical support services. Additionally, she provides leadership in the procurement and management of programmatic funding for CAN BE and handle the overall promotion of entrepreneurship in Greater Hazleton. 

Outside of her numerous personal and professional responsibilities related to the downtown, Jocelyn enjoys spending time with her wife, Megan, and 2 dogs, Lettie & Mac as well as running, hiking, and working on their newly purchased home in Drums